When Caroline Cobb realized she would be turning 30 on 11/11/11, she decided to give herself a crazy goal: write a song for every, single book of the Bible in just one year, by 11/11/11.  Even though she had two albums under her belt and loved to write songs, this was quite the undertaking for the busy, stay-at-home mom and Young Life leader.  But, by God’s grace, she did it.  She had written a song for every book of the Bible… mostly during nap times, actually.

Through the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Caroline took a dozen of the songs from her “year of biblical writing” and recorded her third studio album: the Blood + the Breath: Songs that Tell the Story of Redemption. Beginning with creation and ending with the second coming of Jesus, this album traces the biblical story of redemption: the “scarlet thread” that ultimately points to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

“There are so many stories in the Bible, but they are really all telling the same bigger story: the story of redemption, the story of a loving God who rescues us from sin and death through Jesus.  I’m so excited for people to have an album that will tell this story,” says Caroline.  “After all, this is the Story that gives meaning to our own.”

Caroline worked with producer Josh Moore (Derek Webb, Matthew Perryman Jones, Sandra McCracken) and recorded in Shane & Shane’s studio near Dallas. The album released in June 2013.

Caroline’s sophomore album, Sing, released in October of 2009.  Long overdue, Sing is comprised of the most well-loved of the 40 or so songs Caroline had written since 2005.  The album covers subjects as varied as depression (“Dark”), issues of social justice (“Abel” and “Wings”), and getting through the long New England winter (“Spring”).  Musically, itdraws from genres as diverse as pop, rock, folk, and bluegrass.   Caroline discloses her approach and attitude toward her music in the album’s title track, “Sing”.  She writes and sings and performs not to impress, but to express and connect to a story inside us all – even when that expression is raw and unpolished.  Produced by Caroline Cobb, Sing was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Kenny Lewis at Mixed Emotions Music near Boston, MA.

Far Beyond Me (2005), Caroline’s first album, features “Blue Sky Sunday,” “Faithful,” and “Far Beyond Me.” Produced in part by Brian Long of Second Baptist Houston, Far Beyond Me features Robbie Seay, Taylor Johnson, and Chase Jenkins of the Robbie Seay Band.