Behind the Album Cover Art

The story behind the album’s cover artwork, from designer Nicole Rim:

“I was really excited to have another opportunity to collaborate with Caroline in designing her new album, “The Blood + the Breath.”  I’ve been so encouraged by these simple yet profound songs that are seeped in Scripture and tell of the redemption story that God has written for us.

The title of Caroline’s album really conjured up so much imagery from the Bible and from her songs, so I had to figure out what to distill. Caroline really helped in this process, as she knew she wanted something bold and simple with red and blue as the primary colors.

The Blood: In order to represent the redemptive theme running throughout the songs, I wanted to take two very powerful stories that dealt with a lot of blood: The Passover from the Old Testament and the Crucifixion from the New Testament. Using Caroline’s very own bold, red paint stroke, I placed it on a wood, grain background, alluding to the grue- some but necessary actions that would bring life. This connection of the Old and New seemed fitting as Caroline’s songs would constantly point to the greater story of redemption.

The Breath: I wanted to contrast the bold imagery from ‘the blood’ with a more airy, amorphous, watercolor image that would symbolize the breath of God and the life that He brought and continues to bring, even through death. I also wanted to incorporate some of Caroline’s lyrics on this image which, again, points to that redemptive story of salvation.”

Nicole Rim is a graphic designer for Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. Check out her photography here and her design work here.