Studio Journal: Week 1

On January 20, my little family left for Colorado.  The very next day, I drove to Shane & Shane’s studio near Dallas for my first day of recording.  After years of work on these songs, and months and months of waiting to get started, the day had finally come!  I felt a little bit nervous, but mostly just ready.  Everything turned out better than I could have even imagined.
Here are some highlights from that first week:

    • The studio… it’s in the middle of the woods, which I loved.  There was this little ridge you could hike up to, and I loved going up there to clear my head while we were on breaks.  It was beautiful.
The view from the top of the ridge.

The view from the top of the ridge.

  • Watching Ian Fitchuk (musician) and Josh Moore (producer, musician) work together, building the songs layer by layer.  First, Ian would play some guitar while Josh played piano.  Then, Ian would play drums while Josh would track the bass.  It was so effortless for them and it would only take them a take or two to nail the parts.  Meanwhile, I was sitting there amazed.
    • “Dry Bones” is this really gritty, dark blues song about Ezekiel’s vision of a valley of dry bones (Ez. 37).  Before we started tracking this song, Josh read Ezekiel 37 in the very, very creepy voice of Tom Waits.  Seriously.  And then we made up a new genre called “zombie blues”.  And that was that.
Me, Josh & Ian.

Me, Josh & Ian.

Josh & Ian doing their thing.

  • Hearing “All the Stars”, a song about God’s promises to Abraham, come together. Josh had talked to me about wanting to really have an almost Coldplay(ish) build in this song, and I had to write a bridge part to make sure that could happen. We pulled it off and it sounds so cool.  It’s an uplifting, upbeat song, and I tend to write slow, sad ones… can’t wait for you guys to hear this one.
  • Getting to meet Shane & Shane, who own the studio.  I tried not to geek out too much – they are just really cool people and I’ve loved their music for a long, long time.  They even sat down and listened to a song or two and (I think) they liked them!

Meanwhile, Ellie made her first snowman in Colorado. Was sad to miss that, but glad she was having fun!