Praise for a Home & a Hunger

"Theologically rich and musically enjoyable, Caroline's songs have been beloved favorites in our family for several years. These new melodies will help you carry the story of redemption with you throughout your days. Scripture-based and layered with meaning, the lyrics of these songs focus the heart on Christ."

– Gloria Furman, author of Alive in Him

“Caroline Cobb's lyrical theology is a gift to the church. She is a student of the Word who has let the grand narrative of Scripture work deep into her heart, and then creatively and faithfully retranslated it into an artistic expression of worshipful meditation that will edify and encourage God's people."”

– Justin Taylor, Vice President of Crossway Publishing & Blogger at The Gospel Coalition

"In the style of my favorite singer-songwriters Christa Wells, Sara Groves and Ellie Holcomb, I can't get enough of Caroline Cobb's thought-provoking album A Home & A Hunger.  Rarely has an album affected me this deeply, as many of the songs cause me to physically feel the depth and sincerity of Caroline's songs. She is clearly in love with God, and the way these songs convey her prayerful and biblical relationship with our Lord is truly inspiring and convicting."

New Release Today

“More than ever before, my life is saturated by noise, and while viral noise can be seductive, it’s never satisfying. Caroline Cobb’s new album a Home & a Hunger: Songs of Kingdom Hope has become the soundtrack of my soul in this season. On multiple occasions I have unplugged myself from social media, plugged in my earbuds, hit play on this album, and set out on long walks, to reset my soul on Christ. This is a beautiful album: prayerful, confessional, soul-calming, and timely.”

– Tony Reinke, author of 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You

"Both a storyteller and a theologian, Cobb has emerged as a unique and needed voice as she attempts to make biblical theology accessible. In A Home & a Hunger, Cobb beckons us into the biblical narrative so we may find ourselves in the pages of Scripture. The album is a fantastic resource for the church both as an encouragement and an exhortation."

Doxology & Theology

"If you haven’t heard this record, it will bless your life! Amazing job Caroline Cobb, Gabe Scott and friends for making these sweet tunes to help me savor Jesus."

– Shane Barnard of Shane & Shane

"Caroline Cobb's artistry shines on this wonderfully conceived and executed album, awash with spiritual insight as we have come to expect from Caroline. Definitely a best of 2017 contender."

Phantom Tollbooth

"Cobb appears as a narrator who traces, in eleven songs, the peaks and valleys of Scripture, telling a story that is intimately hers and intimately ours. On A Home & A Hunger, Cobb doesn’t keep to the comfortable waters of well-thumbed psalms but plunges into the icy depths of Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, and Hebrews. She grieves over the Fall without lingering long on the assurance of the Savior to come, so when she sings of his birth, five songs later, we ache for having waited for that good news. Her songs lean hard on hope, but they also acknowledge that it hurts to wait too long for relief. They are sung, she says, to the tune of the “already, but not yet.”  

Deeply Rooted Magazine

"A Home & A Hunger is a masterfully executed album, from well-written lyrics, to vibrant arrangements, to passionate performances. These songs worshipful and truthful, yet don't feel like a corporate mega-church experience - more like a musical front porch gathering. I'm so happy I pulled up a chair for this one."

– Dave Trout, UTR Media

"Once again, Caroline Cobb has produced a delightful tour through the Bible, bringing its truth to light with music."

– Elyse Fitzpatrick, author

"One of my favorite lyricists in the Church today. Theology, poetry, beauty. You will be in awe of the gospel again, refreshed by Jesus, and encouraged.”

– Lore Ferguson Wilbert, Writer and Blogger at Sayable

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About Caroline | Short Bio:

Caroline Cobb is a singer-songwriter interested in telling the stories of Scripture creatively and faithfully through music. Caroline’s most recent album, a Home & a Hunger: Songs of Kingdom Hope traces the tension of the “already” and the “not yet” from Genesis to Revelation, with each song parachuting into a different biblical story. Caroline and her husband Nick live in Dallas, TX with their three young kids (Ellie, Harrison, and Libby).

About Caroline | LONG Bio:

In 2011, Caroline Cobb gave herself a goal to write a song for every book of the Bible in a year. That year of writing set in motion a new passion to tell the stories of scripture through music, faithfully and creatively. Caroline’s latest album, a Home & a Hunger: Songs of Kingdom Hope explores the tension between the "already" and "not yet." Produced by Gabe Scott (Andrew Peterson, David Crowder) and featuring Shane Barnard and Jill Phillips, the album traces the biblical themes of Eden and exile, restlessness and rest, and God's "upside-down" kingdom. Her last album, the Blood + the Breath: Songs that Tell the Story of Redemption, takes the listener on a journey through redemptive history with each song parachuting into a different biblical scene. Caroline and her husband Nick live in Dallas, TX with their three young kids (Ellie, Harrison, and Libby).


a Home & a Hunger: Songs of Kingdom Hope is a journey through scripture, beginning with the Fall and the first “hunger pangs” in Genesis 3, and ending in Revelation, when God will make His home with us forever. Produced by Gabe Scott (Andrew Peterson, David Crowder), and featuring Shane Barnard, Jill Phillips & Sean Carter, the album tells of exile and Eden, of restlessness and rest, and of God’s beautifully “upside-down” kingdom. a Home & a Hunger rose to #3 on iTunes Christian/Gospel and has been recommended by Christian leaders like Bob Kauflin, Justin Taylor, Ruth Chou Simons (GraceLaced), Elyse Fitzpatrick, Lauren Chandler, Tony Reinke, & Gloria Furman. 

Praise for The Blood + The Breath:

“4 out of 4 stars. Musically chronicling the scripture’s story through convicted Americana-folk haunts, the Texas singersongwriter traces Messianic hope amidst humanity’s dark and harried lineage. Produced by Josh Moore (Derek Webb, Caedmon’s Call), Cobb’s acoustic-based interpretations of redemption is spellbinding. Add a Top 10 iTunes Gospel debut and her illuminating compositions deserve a say in the church’s modern musical landscape."

– Andrew Greer for CCM Magazine

“I’m an instant and huge fan of this project.  For me, this scratches so many artistic and theological itches….This album is a work of art and a cohesive whole, showing one great example of how a singer-songwriter does theology through their artistic medium.”

– Zac Hicks, Blogger at & Worship Pastor Coral Ridge Presbyterian ( Read full review)

“Caroline’s songwriting is exceptional. She tells these stories with creativity and rich, hymn-like metaphors, all the while keeping a down-to-earth quality that will connect you to her subject manner. If you love the old hymns, you won’t be disappointed here. If you love the honest, creative writing of Rich Mullins, you won’t be disappointed here. If you love John Mark MccMillan, likewise, you won’t be disappointed here.”

– Mark Snyder, Worship & Tree Hill Collective (Read full review)

“Responding to her self-imposed challenge to write a song for every book of the Bible in one year, Caroline has done very well here….I recommend these songs as a creative way for you to tell this Story in your churches, and to connect your people to a Story that never gets old, and never loses its influence and power to heal and redeem! Solid 4.5 out of 5 stars on this one!”

– All About Worship (read full review)

“I love Caroline’s vision for telling The Story of redemption through her music.  Featuring some of my favorite players, this is a project you will definitely want to check out!”

– Kevin Twit, Indelible Grace

“With the brush of her guitar and voice, Caroline paints a portrait of God's redemptive history from the Garden to consummation. Seriously good music, serious theology."

– Elyse Fitzpatrick, author

“Listening to The Blood and The Breath is like sojourning through the topography and stories of the Bible, beginning in Genesis and ending with the return of Christ. And just as in Scripture, each song points to the cross.  Caroline paints the scene with roots music that makes me feel like I’m there, walking the dusty roads of ancient Israel and the hard trails of the wilderness. And her lyrics are both direct and metaphorical, allowing us to experience well-known stories and often-taught truths in a new way.”

– Bobby Gilles, My Song in the Night (Read full review)

“The biblical narrative is a story of creation, fall, redemption and a final restoration.  Caroline Cobb Smith tells this story with fresh, penetrating lyrics and a gentle, inviting voice.  The album represents her own creative musical writing and her personal love for the Redeemer of whom she sings.  The biblical message is clear and penetrating.  You won’t be disappointed!”

– Dr. Dennis Hollinger, President Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary